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‘Roped-In’ Original Framed String Wall Art

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In this piece I really played with the optical illusion created by using real string to emulate rope. This is a very tactile piece once viewed closeup but from afar you’d think it was just a simple flat painting.Each strand of rope was meticulously glued into place, following the direction of the rope. After this, a product was applied to stop the paint from soaking into the string too much and then I painted with acrylics.

This was a sample painting designed for my Agent to take with her when approaching galleries. This is why so much work went into just a small piece. The sample has since sold but I would be happy to make one especially for you.

With this painting you’ll get a Certificate of Authenticity and a signed Artist’s Statement.

 40x35cms (16″x14″) acrylic/string on wood in painted wood frame.
Different sizes and/or colors possible, please just ask.

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Dimensions 40 × 35 cm

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