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Wentletrap Seashell String Art

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This white on white wentletrap seashell string art painting is a wonderfully tactile textured accent piece for any home interior. Its simplicity makes it fresh and modern and easy to live with.

When I constructed this seashell work, I did not know what type of shell this was. After some research, I found that it is called a wentletrap. Since I am originally from Belgium and my native language is Dutch, I realized that this translates to ‘spiral staircase’. You can see why!

This shell has very large sutures which makes it really architectural. The shapes are fascinating and of course not one shell is the same. Truly a fascinating subject that I know I will be revisiting again and again.

41 x 30 cms (16″ x 12″ approx)

The work is framed in a solid wood white painted professional frame which compliments the painting. The work is ready to hang.

With this painting you’ll get a Certificate of Authenticity and a signed Artist’s Statement. The shipping cost includes insurance and tracking. Please read shop policies for more information.


Testimonials from happy customers:

*** Oh, I love it! The painting was more beautiful than any computer image could translate. Thank-you for sharing your gifts and talents with the world!

*** Wonderful, even better than I imagined! Many thanks too for the extra card, and the pretty stamps (my grandson will be pleased!). A real pleasure to share in a little piece of your magnificent art!

*** STUNNING!!!…Takes my breath away!!!…Thank you!!!


The string used in all my string art paintings has been manufactured using old techniques that are now virtually no longer used in France. This means that I have to travel across France to find the last existing stocks of this natural and handmade string.

Because synthetic string is now mainly being used, these natural strings are no longer in demand and the old fashioned string factories are closing down. I have to search across France to find the few remaining businesses still open to find what I need.

I cannot use synthetic string because my paint will not properly adhere to it. I only use hemp, cotton, sisal, linen and paper string.


The technique you see here was developed by me over a 6 year period. I wanted to find a way of working that no one else was doing so that I could produce truly unique works of art. It has taken many experiments and many failures before I finally arrived at a method that works and is long lasting.

The basic method is that the subject is first drawn out roughly and the direction of the string is worked out. The string is then glued in place. The work is then sealed using a product to stop the paint being absorbed too much by the string. Only then is the work painted in either acrylics or oils. The entire work is then sealed.


* One of my logs paintings was selected by Christies, London sold at their Art for Life Event.
* I won first prize for innovation in a competition here in France.
* I have done numerous successful exhibitions in UK and France.
* Published artwork in Reves de Femmes Lunar Calendar Book in Switzerland
* Represented by The Exposed House, Abu Dhabi
* Several collectors worldwide regularly commission me.

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