Front window

So following on from the opening, the first week went well with the sale of my ‘zesty triptych’.  We arranged to arrive early for the vernissage on 9th February so that I had some time to change some of the paintings with those that had come back from Belgium.  I wasn’t too keen on all the little ones and wanted to add some larger works.

Setting up the food and drink

Quick chat with Jean the gallery owner

Jean was showing me literature from a previous expo

Just as we finished that, the local newspaper turned up. We had a quick interview and the photographer took some photos of me.  I’ve yet to see the article so I hope that went OK.

Next, the caterer came with a very strong punch (it smelled strong, I don’t drink) and some lovely canapés.  There were tiny pieces of pizza, cheese croissants, small sausage rolls and pistachio pastries.  We set it all out and then the first guests already arrived.

The small gallery soon filled with people and I was really happy to see so many people appreciating my work.  I had some lovely compliments which really boosted my confidence and has inspired me to keep going.

I did not make any sales on the night but today someone returned and purchased half artichoke.  There are still 2 weeks to go so fingers crossed for a few more sales.