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Pink & White Cherry Blossom Sakura Decor

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This interpretation of sakura or cherry blossom fine art sculpture symbolizes renewal and rebirth, a time of change and moving forward. Every element of this sculpture is hand formed and the pink color is added using pure natural pigments.

The flower sculpture is attached to its own stand allowing the petals to spill over. Whether you display it on a large glass table, on a plinth or on a shelf, you’ll own a piece of art that pays homage not only to this lovely flower but also to the incredible beauty of mother nature.

* approx. 120 flowers with stamens & buds
* soft satin finish
* available in hot pink, soft pink or white (please ask)
* stand with felt bottom
* signed and numbered underneath
* limited edition
* shipped internationally
* packaged with care in its own box

16 Dia x 12 cm approx.
Other sizes possible, please ask.

Please note: This sculpture has been made to sit on a surface but it could also be made to hang on the wall. Please just ask.

Happy customers said this:

*** Excellent quality, and attractively presented, this beautifully simple design makes a real impact.

*** Beautifully crafted as usual! It looks amazing on the wall. Hopefully, I won’t hit this one and break it! Wonderful shop; very creative owner!

*** Wow!!! The best I can come up with to describe this piece is – stunning! & I don’t feel that really does it justice… it’s truly beautiful… I fell in love with it when I first saw it… it’s such a neat and unique piece… I also like how it’s quiet being all white enabling the shadows to shine… I appreciate the details on each and every leaf too! This is my second purchase from Cathy – she’s beyond kind and her work/talent is amazing… I find myself visiting my new piece and just staring at it… genuinely love it and am very happy to have it in my home, it makes me smile – thanks bunches Cathy, I’m grateful to have come across your shop

* Collaborated with Kew Gardens & East Legon University, Ghana for series on endangered plant species.
* One of my logs paintings was selected by Christies, London to be sold at their Art for Life Event.
* I won first prize for innovation in a competition here in France.
* I have done numerous successful exhibitions in UK and France.
* Several collectors worldwide regularly commission me.
* Published artwork in Reves de Femmes Lunar Calendar Book in Switzerland
* Represented by The Exposed House, Abu Dhabi


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Dimensions 16 × 12 cm