Walk into Coral


3D Clay Coral Reef Sculpture Wall Art

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This large coral reef wall sculpture is an extension of my smaller hand-formed coral sculptures. The artwork resembles a wall installation as the frame is the same color as the background and serves to blend in with the artwork rather than detract.

The gray background and frame are painted in Autentico flat chalk paint in Graphite. The graphite color has the same matte finish as the clay coral. There are no shiny surfaces which prevents any light distortion or reflections no matter how bright a light is shone on it.

The 3-dimensional coral elements cast subtle shadows depending on where the light hits the reef. This means that the artwork changes slightly as the light changes throughout the day. This adds an interesting additional element.

There are over 300 hand-formed, mostly unique separate elements, including starfish, shells, a sand dollar, several sea urchins, a sea snail as well as sea anemone. Given the nature of ‘Walk into Coral’, you’ll go on a voyage of discovery on the ocean bed which will continuously captivate.

SIZE: 86 x 86 cms (34″ x 34″)

TITLE: Walk into Coral

MATERIALS: polymer clay on wood with solid beech wood painted frame

°This artwork is also available on a ‘washed’ wood background with matching frame. 

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Weight 6000 kg
Dimensions 86 × 86 cm