Peacock Feathers Framed Wall Art


Framed Peacock Feathers Textured String Wall Art

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These feathers are a follow on from the singular peacock feather. It was a quite a complicated piece to construct as I had to think carefully the order in which to apply the string.

First the background is worked in paper maché and this is then painted in acrylics. I then draw out the shape of the feathers in chalk and the direction the string needs to be. The string is then glued into place. This is then sealed with a product so that it doesn’t absorb too much paint. After this process, it’s ready to be painted. In this painting I added iridescent medium in the acrylic paint to make it play in certain light just like a real peacock feather.

The painting is framed in a chunky wood, painted box frame and is ready for hanging. To care for your painting all you need to do is run a feather duster over it. (It’s not a joke, I’m serious!)

82x62cms (32″ x 24.5″) – string/acrylic/iridescent medium on wood
Other sizes possible, please just ask.

My paintings are sent out with insurance and tracking for FREE!

You’ll also get a Certificate of Authenticity and a signed Artist’s Statement.

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Dimensions 82 × 62 cm

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