When selling online, I often come across fellow artisans who also work and live in France. It’s always lovely to make new acquaintances and see what people are making. It’s just a shame this is quite a large country so that we can’t just pop in for coffee and a chat. Here are some of the artisans in France that I’ve admired for some time.


**An Etui–a small,decorative case for storing little treasures**

A one of a kind, completely handmade box covered in natural linen and cotton, accented with a lovely shade of chambray blue.


Pink Her – Print of an original illustration.


Given to friends and family as gifts for Christmas, this ornament is sure to elicit a few laughs. Would make an unusual addition to your tree as well


The french guinguette to celebrate the spring.
Wire, garland of antiques blues beads, old cake tin for the base, vintage cupping glass to make a candle.


A cute gift for your family, friends, or… simply yourself!


Here we have double sided fabric coasters in set of 4 with warm combined colors! It is just lovely. Are you bored to use one side ! just reverse it!


You can visit these artists and see more of their work by clicking on the images.

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