I’ve always had a fascination for birds and bird houses. Ever since I was a small girl, my dad would take me to go bird watching at the estuary. I had a little seat on my dad’s cross bar of his bike and we would cycle to the coast. There we would have to climb up a steep dune to get to the top where we would sit for hours. I had my own little binoculars and my dad would shout out all the birds he could see. Strangely enough, I absolutely loved it and never got bored.

Later, when we moved to the UK, I spent some time working at a wild bird hospital rescuing sea birds, nursing them back to health and then hopefully releasing them again. It was the most rewarding job I think I ever did.

So, from all of this came my love of birds and bird houses. Whilst in Vienna one day, I looked up and there on someone’s balcony was a huge collection of bird houses. They all had food on and there were just hundreds of birds having a feast. It was so pretty that I vowed to start my own collection. I’m not doing so well, I just have 1 so far but I keep looking! lol






I best start saving up for these little beauties! I love them all!


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