Big Tomato 3D Mixed Media Painting

Big Tomato Painting in Fabric 3 Dimensional Wall Art
600,00 €

This is a very large painting and would making a stunning and eye-catching piece in a kitchen. If you need to cheer the room up, then this painting will certainly do that.

The tomato stalks have been constructed in fabric and string. The tiny hairs that you can just make out on the stalks of tomatoes have been replicated with thin string which was stitched into the stalks.

The body of the tomato is painted in oils and is totally flat. This juxtaposition of smooth and texture is what gives this painting a lot of interest and depth. From a distance, it appears that this is just a normal painting but when you approach, it is a surprise to see that the stalk comes right out of the canvas. Whatch your guests' faces as they discover this.

The painting measures 90 x 109cms ( 35" x 42.5"). It is framed in a wood painted chunky frame that goes off at an angle. A lovely molding. It has been painted to match the background of the painting.

With this work you'll get an Artist's Statement and Certificate of Authenticity. Shipping includes insurance and tracking.

°Please note: The price reflects 50% discount on this artwork.

Please ask me about payment plans.

Testimonials from happy customers:

*** Oh, I love it! The painting was more beautiful than any computer image could translate. Thank-you for sharing your gifts and talents with the world!

*** Wonderful, even better than I imagined! Many thanks too for the extra card, and the pretty stamps (my grandson will be pleased!). A real pleasure to share in a little piece of your magnificent art!

*** STUNNING!!!...Takes my breath away!!!...Thank you!!!



* One of my logs paintings was selected by Christies, London to be sold at their Art for Life Event.
* I won first prize for innovation in a competition here in France.
* I have done numerous successful exhibitions in UK and France.
* Several collectors worldwide regularly commission me.